Young Cricketers Development Program 
Profile: the Management Team  
Peter Mathison 
President - TYCDIEP  
Being a member of Springvale South Cricket Club for the past 40 years, I have seen a far bit of cricket in my time. Father of three and the grandfather of seven, cricket has for long been an integral part of my self. I've previously coached juniors at SSCC, where I had the fortune of seeing first-hand the rise of Damien Fleming to play for his state and his country, as well as the emergence of Warren Ayres who also was lucky enough to play for his state. I was also an Australian Postal worker for 41 years, after leaving school at the age of 14.   Having served as Secretary at Springvale South for 15 years, and as the club President for 17 years, I am currently working as the Vice-President for the club. I am also a Life Member of the club (SSCC), as well as of the Dandenong District Cricket Association (DDCA). For the past 15 years or so, I have been involved with the DDCA’s VMCU team, coaching the Under 16 team to various degrees of success. This is where the Young Cricketer’s Inaugural team stemmed from in 2009, and the program has grown over the past few years to include other sports such as Netball. Not only is it a valuable program sporting wise, but it also gives those participating a very important life lessons as we witness first-hand how lucky we are to live in this country and all the things we take for granted. 
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Johann Dias Jayasinha  
Secretary - TYCDIEP
I am proud to be a part of the Young Cricketers and Major Sports development program of Victoria Inc, as a part of the three member team Peter Mathison, Vernon Tissera and myself who started the Sports development organisation, I work  in the capacity as the  National Operations &  Media Manager, and  with Sports n News (SNNI) the Media wing,  as the chief photographer and Media Manager. My accreditations holds with Major Sports and the Multicultural Program of Australia and Internationally too. I am  accredited with the  ICC, Cricket Australia, Cricket Victoria and the State Cricket Associations. Currently as a part of the development program, Cricket and Netball is looked after. The Young cricketers have been in a threeSuccessful years in a row from 2011 to 2013 winning the T20 International cricket  tournaments in KL Malaysia against Sri Lanka, Malaysia and India as a part of the achievements.  The Netballers have toured with the Major Sports Development side of the Organisation to Brunei and Malaysia played in tournaments and playedwith the National team of Brunei.  I would invite more young sports people from the Multicultural community to come forward Boys and girls to join  the program and experience they receive at International standards. 
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Vernon Tissera 
Treasurer - TYCDIEP 
I am the proud father of 2 cricket loving boys. I am a proud Australian citizen (born in Sri Lanka) and came to this peaceful country from a refugee camp in Iran (3 years) during the First Gulf War following a kind request to former Prime Minister the Hon. Paul Keating. In my letter I wrote, I mentioned how I wanted to contribute something useful for this wonderful nation with my talents. As an Artist, Photographer and Journalist within the print media, I have worked abroad as an artist (Middle East), and as a newspaper graphic designer for “Times of Ceylon” in Sri Lanka.  Cricket has always been a part of my life. Beginning at school, where it was normal to share the few pieces of equipment amongst ourselves, I maintained my interest with the game long after leaving. Since settling down in Australia, I have seen my two boys develop a great enthusiasm for the game I love. From 2000 I have been taking them for cricket training and games 3 days every week. In 2009 I, along with two of my friends Peter Mathison and Johann Jayasinha I decided to set up the ‘Young Cricketer’s Development Program.’ Originating from an idea thought of long ago, it has finally come to fruition in recent years. Our humble aim is to provide young sportspeople, in these instance young cricketers, the chance to develop their sport through exposure at a high level. Not only does this develop their sporting aptitude, but it also enhances their perspective of the world through experiencing the diverse cultures of those living in different countries. TYDIEP has pledged to continually contribute to the development of grassroots local Cricket. In saying so, we believe that by giving as many kids an opportunity to experience our program we can achieve our aims and ensure that the longevity of cricket remains strong within an increasingly diverse Australia.   
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