Young Cricketers Development Program 
Shaun Petrie 
Assistant Coach - 2009 Cricket Tour, father of Cam Petrie (player - '09) 
As a Level 2 cricket coach, I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the inaugural U17’s tour to Sri Lanka with ‘The Young Cricketer's Development Program (TYCDIEP)’. Personally I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled to many parts of the world through work over the years, but I had never been to Sri Lanka. Having played with, and against many Sri Lankans , it was a great opportunity to experience their world and at the same time be part of some very entertaining cricket. It was a fantastic experience for myself and the players, most of whom had never been out of Australia. The life experiences for our players were immeasurable and they still talk about it today.  Playing at some of the best grounds in Sri Lanka was also an eye-opener. The hospitality and welcoming from everyone we met was something to be experienced. The standard of cricket was excellent and has held our boys in great stead for the future. 

It was a great opportunity for our boys to experience life in another part of the world. It’s helped them realise how lucky they are to be Australian, at the same time appreciating a very different way of life.
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Archit Vora 
Player - Cricket Tour to Malaysia and Sri Lanka 2010  
I have been involved with TYCDIEP for 2 years and have loved every minute of it. I got given the opportunity to travel to Sri-Lanka to play against the school and province teams by TYCDIEP. This was a massive boost in my cricketing career due to the extremely high standard of cricket played not only by the Sri Lankan players but the team itself. I was also involved with playing a Twenty20 against St.Peters College from Sri-Lanka which was an amazing experience. The quality of cricket performed by and against TYCDIEP is extremely high and encouraging. The training provided by the organisation was was essential to great performances by the boys. I have loved working with TYCDIEP over the few years and I greatly look forward to being involved with the organisation in the future.
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Sam Cosentino 
Tour Member - Cricket Tour 2010, father of Anton Cosentino (player - '10, '11) 
The training conducted by The Young Cricketers Development Program is fantastic! It offers & International Experience Program is fantastic. It offers focused batting training with an extremely knowledgeable coach, in Owen. He is fantastic my son Anton and you can see the improvement in him on a weekly basis. Also, seeing the guests who come to the Winter training every so often is a wonderful idea -  it allows the players to see what they can achieve if they stick at it and continue to work hard. By far, Angelo Matthews visit was one of the best as he spoke with the players about how it was for him to get to the level he is now at. As for the International Cricket Tours, I cannot speak highly enough of how professionally they are run. The kids on the tour are very well looked after, and subsequently enjoy and learn vastly from the experience. Everything within the tour is thought of and organised, from food to photos, and is all done without fuss – so the players have to worry only about the cricket whilst the parents have nothing to worry about at all! To have such experiences of playing cricket in another country and against kids form other nationalities but that are the same age is definitely an eye-opener for all those that take part of the tours.  The Young Cricketers Development & International Experience Program have a proven track record, which is why my son is just about to take part in his third tour – That’s how much I believe in the Program! Whilst on tour, the players don’t only improve their cricketing skills, but also improve as people as they bear witness to what life is like when you live in a country which may not be as fortunate as Australia. Interacting with their team mates as well as opposition members, learning about other cultures - It’s not just a cricket experience but a life experience. 
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Cate Cavan 
Mother of Player - Liam Wolters 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Young Cricketer’s Development Program for the amazing support and opportunities they have given my son Liam over the past 3 years. Now 15, Liam has undergone major changes in his cricket thanks to the program. Be it through the watchful wisdom, patience and guidance of Mr Owen Mottau, the Senior coach of the Young Cricketer’s Winter Training Program; the specialised spin bowling clinics with Dr. Rene Ferdinands where he has learnt about the bio-mechanics and principals of leg spin; or via their overseas touring program which has enabled Liam the opportunity to travel and compete with like-minded junior cricketers from around the world – he has become more mature in his cricketing ability and as a result has been selected in various representative teams since joining. Also being a part of the various multicultural events organised by the Young Cricketer’s, and having the opportunity to meet a number of international cricketers from around the world has been an eye opener. Not only has it given him a glimpse of what it takes to make it to the top, it has also allowed him the opportunity to learn that the world is truly a multicultural place. It also has allowed him to experience and understand different cultures and how very lucky we are to live in a country like Australia where everything you could want is almost always accessible. Being given a vice-captaincy role last year has also been a great way to develop leadership skills for life. Last of all, meeting all the new people and being given the opportunity to form lifelong friendships with people around the country, let alone around the world has been wonderful. The leadership of the program – from ‘Uncle Vernon’, Peter and Johann is second-to-none and we can’t wait for the next tour and the next adventure. Thank you for everything the Young Cricketer’s Development Program!   
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